Payment / Delinquency Policies

All water bills are due and payable upon receipt; a bill will become delinquent if not paid within 15 days from the date of which the bill was mailed. A 10% late penalty charge will be assessed and billed on current month’s outstanding balances that are attributed to user charges. The 10% late penalty will not be assessed and billed to that portion of the outstanding balance that is attributed to previously assessed late penalty charges. Payments will be applied to the late penalty charges first and remaining funds will be applied to the user charges.

“Other bills” for goods and services provided by the District shall be delinquent if not paid within 30 days from the date of which the bill was mailed. A one and one half percent (1.5%) late charge will be added to all delinquent amounts. In the event a bill has been delinquent for a period of more than 180 days, the outstanding amount shall be included in the “water bill” and will be subject to the same terms and condition of a water bill.

In the event that a “water bill” is delinquent by 6 months or greater, the District shall send a United States Postal Service certified / return receipt letter to the individual listed on the service application (applicant) and require payment in full or enter into a repayment agreement with the term to include full payment within 12 months with a 1.5% late charge on the unpaid balance. In the event, that the applicant does not respond within 30 days of receipt of the certified letter, the District shall consider the service connection as abandoned, the parcel may forfeit its rights of service from that connection, and the District shall effectuate a perpetual lien against the property served. Under certain conditions, the District may remove the service connection.

For any bill delinquent for a period of 180 days or greater, the customer may request a repayment plan. The repayment plan shall be for a period of not greater than 12 months and shall have a late penalty of 1.5% per month for the unpaid balance. If the customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the repayment plan, the unpaid balance will be included in the next water bill and will be subject to the same terms and conditions as a standard “water bill”.

Meter Installation Policy

A standard service connection includes the installation of a meter assembly at property line within a dedicated right-of-way; a service line with hose bib will be stubbed out no further than 20 feet onto customers property.

Commercial and Industrial services shall include the installation of a District approved backflow prevention assembly commensurate to the degree of hazard as determined by the water district. The assembly will be located at or near the property line but in all cases, before the first branch of the service, (within a dedicated easement). All other service connection installation criteria applies.

In the event the District cannot easily acquire easements and right-of-ways needed for lines crossing public or private property, it will be the responsibility of the applicant to provide the easement or right-of-way.

The acquisition of any meter connection shall comply with the following criteria;

(a)   The purchase of any service connection must be tied to a piece of property within the District boundaries.

(b)   The service connection must be installed at the time of purchase of the meter connection.

(c)   If the parcel of land is presently being serviced, the parcel has the appropriate current zoning and is of sufficient size to allow for a second residence (i.e. 4 acre parcel that is zoned R-U has the appropriate zoning for two residential units), a second service connection may be purchased, at the prevailing fee schedule, including but not limited to all appurtenant connection fees, capacity fees, water rights fees and treatment cost fees.

(d)   If infrastructure improvements are required to serve a parcel of land, those improvements must be paid for, installed and accepted by the District before a service connection can be purchased.

(e)   The transferring of an installed service connection from one piece of property to another requires a current title report of the parcel the service connection is currently assigned to, provided by the seller and performed by a licensed Nevada title company to verify clear title of ownership with no liens or other encumbrances before being considered by the General manager or the Assistant General Manager, provided all requirements of the District’s Water Rights Dedication Ordinance have been met.

(f)   All service connections which are shut off and locked will be charged the prevailing monthly service rate. 

Fire Hydrant Usage

The primary functions of a fire hydrant are to provide temporary water for dust control and emergency fire fighting purposes.

Water used from a fire hydrant, other than the use of fire fighting or fire training purposes must be metered.

Arrangements must be made in advance for any hydrant use other than emergency fire fighting purposes.

Any individual needing the use of a hydrant shall complete a permit application. The Moapa Valley Water District reserves the right to approve permits based upon impacts on the water system.

The permit will be issued for a specific parcel, the duration of the permit will be for a maximum of six months and the permit fee will be $30.00 per issuance of a meter plus a Monthly base rate of $64.36 and will be subject to all future rate increases approved by the Board of Directors.

The permit fee defers the cost of installation and removal of the hydrant meter and the inspection of the backflow device of the water conveyance system.

All hydrant meters need to be installed by Moapa Valley Water District staff.

Water used shall be charged at the prevailing commercial rate for Block 3 per thousand gallons.

In the case of loss, destruction, or abuse (beyond reasonable wear and tear, as determined by the Moapa Valley Water District staff) to the hydrant meter assembly, the permitted party will be liable for the repair or replacement costs of said service connection.

Any unauthorized hydrant usage will result in the following fines:

1st offense                                                       $ 1,000.00
2nd offense                                                      $ 2,000.00
3rd offense                                                       $ 4,000.00
4th offense                                                       $6,000.00

Rate Schedules

Moapa Valley Water District billing rates are updated regularly. Contact the District Office for detailed or special rate information.

2024 Rates

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